Choreotensive with Benji

New Year’s Swing Fling presents yet another unique and incredible opportunity! This time you will learn and perform a new piece of choreography by the legendary Benji Schwimmer!

This will be taught over 2 days (Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th December) which includes 4 hours of performance tuition, and then it is performed before awards on New Year’s Eve.

The Choreotensive is going to be tons of fun as well as being fast paced and physically challenging. To ensure that Benji gets through as much of the choreography as possible, and to maximise everyone’s enjoyment, you will need to find a partner prior to the intensive as we will not be rotating partners during the class.

The level is aimed at intermediate, advanced and all-star level dancers, or those who have done choreography before.

The cost is just £45 per person, which is in addition to the full event pass.

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